Violin and Piano

Four Movements In A Jazz Idiom

front cover of Four Movements In A Jazz Idiom for Violin and Piano, composed by Alan Danson
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Written as a commission from ‘Duo Dunamis’ for classical recitals. Each movement draws upon different idioms of jazz styles and requires a wide range of sounds and effects from the violin.

The opening ‘Dance’ contains cross rhythms of 2’s and 3’s with the middle section making much of the interval of the perfect 5th. ‘Quasi Rag’ borrows from 1930’s ragtime, while ‘The Ballad of an Original Theme’ opens with an expressive improvisory violin solo. ‘Blues Plus One’, named after the 13 bar pattern (the standard blues is 12 bars) makes much use of stride piano and there is much interplay between violin and piano.
Listen to a short sample from the 1st movement.

"Danson has succeeded in providing us with an entertaining and effective alternative to standard violin and piano literature. Along the same lines as works by Bolling and Grapelli, the movements are concise, well constructed and rewarding for both players and listeners."
American Music Teacher October/November 1995.

Parts available from Broadbent and Dunn